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Hot TD Coating (VCTDH)

Hot TD Coating Vanadium Carbide

IBC’s VCTDH coating is performed using a hot process (1800-1900 °F) that combines carbon from the tool surface with vanadium to grow a vanadium carbide layer that is metallurgically bonded to the substrate.

This method of thermally diffusing a vanadium carbide layer onto the surface creates an incredible bond far stronger than any deposited coating, resulting in longer tool life.


  • Metallurgical bond of VC with substrate
  • Substrate is hardened to optimum hardness
  • Can coat deep inside holes and pockets

Technical Data:

  • Phase content of the coating: VC
  • Hardness of VC layer: 3300 – 3500 HV
  • Hardness of base metal: 700 – 800 HV
  • Layer thickness: 0.0004” – 0.0006”
  • Very low coefficient of friction
  • No Coarsening of the base metal