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Stamping Tool Applications

Stamping Tool Applications
16in x 12′ x 6in Deep Draw Die,
Stripped and Coated with HI3D-tn
  • HID™ process, applied at 480-840°F (250-450°C), maintains tight geometric and dimensional tolerances of precision parts. The high ionization, high energy process allows for lower temperatures than currently available deposition technologies, while assuring high performance time after time
  • IBC can coat tools up to 30 x 30 x 20 in. (750 x 750 x 500 mm), or a total batch mass up to 1000 lbs (450 kg). Larger limits possible
  • IBC can Ion Nitride and Nitrocarburize tools
  • Surface hardness equivalent to 85-95 HRC
  • The coating adds only .0001 in. (2.5µm) to the part thickness and can be controlled in ±.00002 in (0.5µm)
  • No edge buildup, no need for any machining after coating
  • An inert ceramic surface separates the tool from the processed material – no more diffusion into the tool surface, no more pickup and galling. Friction is reduced 30-50%, reducing the need for lubrication. Surface quality of stamped parts is significantly improved
  • Abrasive wear in heavy drawing operations is reduced 2-10 times
  • Cutting edges stay sharp 2-12 times longer
  • Compressive stresses built in the coating control development of surface microcracks and tool fatigue life better than shot peening
  • High quality polishing and heat treatment are available, to increase tools life
  • When required, our stripping procedures remove completely old coatings without attacking base steel
  • HI3D™ technology assures longer tool runs in very heavy stamping operations than available CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition), PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) or Thermal Diffusion (TD) processes. All coating components are externally supplied, and the process does not rely on the carbon from steel composition for the reactions producing the deposition. As a result, the coating doesn’t weaken the top layer of the tool
  • 3-7 days batch turnaround

Best Solutions for Toughest Applications™

Dies, Draw ringscheck icon redcheck icon bluecheck icon bluecheck icon bluecheck icon blue 
Dies, Draw Rings – High Strength, Thick Stockcheck icon red check icon blue   
Form Rolls, Thread Rollscheck icon redcheck icon blue check icon blue check icon blue
Forming Punchescheck icon redcheck icon bluecheck icon redcheck icon bluecheck icon red 
Pierce Punchescheck icon redcheck icon bluecheck icon redcheck icon blue  
Blankingcheck icon bluecheck icon bluecheck icon red   
Trimmingcheck icon red check icon blue   

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