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Die Casting

How to Extend the Life of Your Die Cast Tooling

The die casting process enables complex parts to be manufactured with greater uniformity and at higher production rates than normally is possible with other casting or machining processes. Casting dies require the combination of a smooth surface finish, thermal shock resistance and strong release properties. Uncoated die components can fail after only a short run. IBC Coatings provides Ceratough® Coatings for the die casting industry that have demonstrated performance that extends the life of die cast tooling.

Why Coating Your Die Cast Tooling Matters

Thermal shock, soldering, release problems, and wear can work against the die caster’s goal of producing quality finished, uniform castings throughout many production runs. Ceratough® Coatings strengthen die surfaces to maximize the life of the die and reduce friction to keep production lines running seamlessly. IBC Coatings has an extensive line that protects your die cast tooling including core pins, aluminum die casting molds and die inserts.

The Die Cast Tooling Coatings We Recommend

Our CeraTough® coatings are applied using a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process. We offer an extensive line of coatings which includes multiple options of nanocomposite coatings that have unique properties based on the material(s) used in the coating. These properties can include low friction, high hardness, and high corrosion resistance. The performance of our CeraTough® PVD coatings deposited using our proprietary High Energy PVD process is superior to many other commercially available coatings. Our coatings are known for exceptional performance in the most demanding heavy-duty applications.

Polished Die Casting
Polished Die Casting

The top 3 benefits CeraTough® Coatings provide die cast tooling.

1. Improved Tool Hardness Decreases Sticking

Throughout the process of die casting aluminum alloys, tool surfaces are severely damaged by cast alloy sticking and soldering, promoting galling during casting ejection. As a result, casting quality is decreased, and production efficiency is reduced significantly. We utilize ion plasma nitriding as the first line of defense for your die cast tooling. This process hardens the surface of the tooling and mitigates sticking. This coating is commonly utilized in die sections, die inserts, core pins, shot blocks, and distributors.

2. Longer Runs Between Reconditioning Die Casting Inserts

Ceratough® Coatings reduce downtime by allowing the die to run longer between re-conditioning the inserts. We recommend Ceratough®-0401 and -0502 for most die inserts. In applications where die inserts are exposed to extreme heat, we offer Ceratough®-0102, which provides greater thermal stability.

3. Mitigate Wash-Out in Shot Sleeve Pour Hole

Our Duplex Ceratough®-0502/Ceratough®-0102 are ideal for shot sleeves because of its high wear and wash-out resistance. The area under the pouring hole is the most susceptible to damage because of high temperatures and impact of molten aluminum. By utilizing our coatings, die casters can lessen the amount of soldering, mitigate wash out at the bottom of the pour hole, and improve thermal fatigue resistance. Life extensions up to 5X have been seen in customer applications.

Proven solutions for Die Casting Tooling life

IBC Coatings Technologies offers lab tested, field proven solutions for extending the life of your Die Cast tooling. Our Ceratough® Coatings have demonstrated performance that meets or exceeds competitor’s coatings.

DHIN – Ion plasma nitriding is the first line of defense. This process hardens the surface of tooling and mitigates sticking. It is used for die sections, die inserts, core pins, shot blocks, and distributors.

High wear die sections:Ceratough®-0501 provides protection to sections in close proximity to a gate.
Core pins:Ceratough®-0201.
Die inserts:Ceratough®-0401 or -0502.
Die inserts with extreme heat:Ceratough®-0102 provides greater thermal stability.
Shot/Machine sleeves:Duplex Ceratough®-0502/Ceratough®-0102 has a remarkable ability to mitigate washout at the bottom of the pour hole. 5X life extension has been realized in application.
*Coatings work with additive manufacturing metal tooling!
NameCompositionProcess Temperature ( ̊C)Thermal Stability ( ̊C)Thickness (microns)Hardness (HV)Friction Coefficient Dry (on Steel)