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Laser Technologies

Laser Technologies

IBC offers cutting-edge laser technologies for repair and enhanced surface properties.

Laser cladding is a cutting-edge welding process that has the capability to modify the surface properties of a substrate with exotic and/or harder materials. In this process, the feed-stock in the form of micron-sized alloy powder is melted by a laser beam to deposit the durable overlay with a thickness of 0.020” to 0.250” on the substrate. Click here to learn more about laser cladding.

IBC uses the latest state of the art laser welding process, which makes it possible to repair precision components of all types of materials. The laser beam melts the filler wire rod and the required area is filled in several passes until the desired height is achieved. Click here to learn more about micro laser welding.

IBC’s Equipment

  • Laser Cladding
    • 4 kW IPG fiber laser
    • Capacity: 12” maximum diameter x 11’ maximum length, 4,000lbs
  • Micro Laser Welding
    • HTS – MOBILE 200 laser processing station with maximum power 200 W
    • High resolution optical microscope to aid weld path tracking
    • Laser welding wires in different sizes (0.015-0.02” in diameter and 18” in length)