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Announce Our New Amorphous Chrome Coating Ceratough®-0801

IBC Coatings Technologies Log

IBC Coatings Technologies is Excited to Announce our new Amorphous Chrome coating Ceratough®-0801

IBC Coatings Technologies provides high-performance coatings and surface treatments that reduce wear and corrosion of metals. We analyze each customer’s application and develop a tailored solution that will improve the performance of our customer’s products.

IBC Coatings Technologies continues to expand our product offering of high-performance coatings. We are pleased to announce the addition of a new CVD Amorphous Chrome coating, designed, and tested to provide protection in the most corrosive environments.

This new product has applications in chemical processing, oil & gas, saltwater environments, and others. The coating also provides excellent wear resistance due to its high hardness.

Amorphous Chrome coating Ceratough®-0801


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