Micro-laser Welding

Laser welding offers the most flexible metal-joining in today’s manufacturing environment. IBC uses the latest state of the art laser welding process, which makes it possible to repair precision components of all types of materials. The laser beam melts the filler wire rod and the required area is filled in several passes until the desired height is achieved.

Why Micro-laser Welding?

Traditional welding techniques often require excessive heat input, which may result in negative effects on performance of the whole component, such as distortion and reduced mechanical properties. In contrast, the heat input of the laser beam can be accurately adjusted. It has minimal side effects on the mechanical integrity of the component, either locally treating the damaged area or improving the surface properties for a specific part in the chain of manufacturing.

Unique advantages of micro-laser welding over arc-based and laser-based coating techniques:

  1. Extremely focused thermal input with very narrow heat affected zone
  2. No dimensional or shape distortion after welding
  3. No size limitation
  4. Suitable for tight areas that are hard to access by traditional fusion welding techniques
  5. Few required pre/post processing treatments
Heat InputHighLow
Power DensityLowHigh
Dilution Rate10-40%< 5%
HardnessRelatively LowRelatively High
Heat Affected ZoneLarge and WideSmall and Narrow (less than 150 um in depth)
Required Pre/Post TreatmentsManyFew


  1. HTS – MOBILE 200 laser processing station with maximum power 200 W
  2. High resolution optical microscope to aid weld path tracking
  3. Laser welding wires in different sizes (0.015-0.02” in diameter and 18” in length)
micro laser welding setup
Micro-laser welding setup

Materials selection

  • Stainless steel (316, 312, 410, and 420)
  • High strength steels (M2, 4130, and H13)
  • Ni-based
  • Co-based
  • Beryllium copper
  • Ti6Al4V
  • Al alloy

Target Industries

  • Tooling restoration
  • Medical applications
  • Jewelry, arts and crafts
  • Electronics Industry

Common applications

  • Die repair
  • Implantable devices
  • Orthodontic wire and bands
  • Electrical connectors
  • Assembling bracelets

Micro-Laser Welding Case Studies

Al Die Cast

Al die cast is the product of a 3D additive manufacturing process that utilizes a series of water-cooling channels. It was observed that small cracks formed close to the surface and the water channels during the service condition. IBC Coatings Technologies used micro-laser welding to restore the die to its original function by repairing the surface cracks.

die cast repair
Die cast repair by H13 wire

Extrusion Die

The corner of the Extrusion Die is a typical example of stress concentration and the formation of cracks. IBC Coatings Technologies offered micro-laser welding to repair the cracks found at the corners of the die.

laser welded extrusion die
Laser welded Extrusion Die