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PVD High Energy Deposition Coating Technology

IBC Coatings’ PVD High Energy Deposition coating process produces consistently high-performance parts using a variety of materials and material combinations that meet the wear and corrosion resistance needs of the most demanding applications. This PVD technology has been optimized through years of development to produce a more durable coating for a variety of applications. The process is:

Threaded Rollers and Punches
Threaded Rollers and Punches
Coated with HID-tn
  • Arc plasma technology vaporizes a refractory metal or alloy (Vanadium, Titanium, Chromium, Titanium/Aluminum, Zirconium, etc.) from a cathode plate. The metal particles are ionized 90-100% (vs. 10-50% in competitive systems), doubling the coating process productivity and the performance of the coating.
  • Charged particles (plasma) are magnetically accelerated toward the parts to coat, with energies 100 to 1,000 times higher than in electron beam machines traditionally available. This very high energy bombardment results in high density coatings with excellent adhesion to the part.
  • Highly ionized nitrogen and/or carbon delivered in the gas phase, combine with the metal ions to form the desired coating.
  • Coatings can be single layer, multi-layer, or gradient with multiple cathodes and combinations of gases being utilized.
  • The advantage of using multilayer coatings is the reduction in stresses which provides better adhesion to the substrate, especially in applications where a great degree of ductility or high impact resistance is needed. Having a coating that is made up of multiple layers containing different elements allows an initial “adhesion” layer to be deposited that is characterized as having good adhesion to both the substrate and the film that is to be deposited on top. Additionally, it allows the layers to flex at the interface regions, improving ductility when external forces are applied, as opposed to cracking or delaminating.
  • IBC can coat parts up to 40” (101.6 cm) in diameter and 40” (101.6 cm) in height and 3,000 lbs. (1,360 kg).
  • For very extreme applications, IBC combines High Energy Ionization with a Deep Diffusion Deposition process, resulting in parts life increases of 50-500% vs. traditional PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). Coating process temperatures are maintained below 750°F (400°C) so as not to affect dimensions or heat-treat properties of the base material. The coated part can be stripped and recoated an unlimited number of times, with no effect on the substrate.
  • IBC combines PVD coating technology with polishing, vibratory finishing, and grit-blasting to achieve the desired properties for each individual application.

IBC Coatings Technologies provides high-performance coatings and surface treatments that reduce wear and corrosion of metals. We analyze each customer’s application and develop a tailored solution that will improve the performance of our customer’s products. Our Coatings team find and optimize a solution to your problem – coating, part material, part design, and manufacturing process.