Dry Film Lubricant Coatings Ti-MoS2/Cr-MoS2

Dry Film Lubricant Coatings, also known as Solid Film Lubricant Coatings, or Low Friction coatings have an extremely low coefficient of friction-0.04, making them ideal for applications that need extended wear resistance, have marginal, or no lubrication options. The coatings are based on Molybdenum Disulfide (a widely used lubricant) and applied using a Magnetron Sputtering Physical Vapor Deposition process. Like other PVD coatings they have excellent adhesion, and wear resistance.

Dry Film Lubricant Structures and Properties

These coatings have a unique structure of Titanium or Chrome to improve hardness and thermal stability, in conjunction with amorphous Molybdenum Disulfide. During sliding or rolling applications, a transfer from the coating to the mating surface occurs. This transfer creates a perpetual low friction surface. These coatings unparalleled resistance to fretting, galling, and sliding wear.

Dry Film Lubricant Coating Options:

CeraTough®-0607 Ti-MoS2 Titanium Molybdenum Disulfide
CeraTough®-0608 Cr-MoS2 Chrome Molybdenum Disulfide

Dry Film Lubricant Characteristics:

  • Extremely Low coefficient of friction (as low as 0.04).
  • Excellent adhesion and load bearing capability (ASTM C1624 Lc> 200N).
  • Excellent surface finish will mirror that of the substrate.
  • Self-lubrication in dry wear conditions.
  • High hardness 700-1000 HV.
  • Excellent release properties for resistance to galling, fretting, and sticking.
  • Thermal stability up to 500°C.

Dry Film Application Method:

  • Magnetron Sputtering Physical Vapor Deposition (MSPVD).

MSPVD Size Capabilities:

  • MSPVD systems have a 3,000 lb. weight limit and can accommodate parts 30" in diameter and 40" tall.

Dry Film Lubricant Common Applications:

  • Ti-MoS2- Low friction and wear at higher temps.
  • Cr-MoS2- Low friction and wear, for use against copper alloys.
  • Aero/Space components.
  • Hydraulic components – cylinders, pistons, gear pumps.
  • Valve components – balls, gates, seats, actuators, housings.
  • Automotive components – crank shafts, cam shafts, gears, bearings, piston rings, tappets, wrist pins, fuel injectors.
  • Pump components – impellers, diffusers, rotors.
  • Metal forming dies for galling resistance and release.
  • Plastic molding and extrusion components for abrasion resistance and release.
  • Tools for metal forming and blanking.
  • Plastic molds and extrusion components for abrasion and corrosion resistance.
  • Mechanical seals.
  • Large stamping, forging, die-casting, plastics, rubber, extrusion and cutting tools and machinery.

CeraTough™ Performance

The performance of our CeraTough™ MSPVD coatings deposited using our proprietary High Energy PVD process is superior to many other commercially available coatings in the most demanding heavy-duty applications.

  • Titanium-Molybdenum Disulfide (TiMoS2)

    Titanium-Molybdenum Disulfide (TiMoS2)

  • IBC’s MSPVD System

    IBC’s MSPVD System

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    Coating Properties

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    Friction Moisture Dependence

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    Friction Load Dependence

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