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Cold Spray

Cold Spray is a technology that is applied by spraying powder particles at high velocities in gas flow accelerated to supersonic velocities. The individual powder particles ballistically impact the given substrate and, subsequently, the generated coating. The impaction causes the particles to plastically deform and mechanically bond to the given surface. Compared to other thermal spray coatings, the main advantage of cold spray coatings is that the coating material is not thermally altered. Oxidation in the coating is minimized. Cold spray coatings are dense and compressed with little porosity. Cold spray is particularly useful as an additive repair technology for materials in the oil and gas and aerospace industries.


  • No oxidation of cold spray powder
  • Powder is below melting temperature
  • Mechanical bonding of particles to substrate
  • Low porosity (<1%)
  • Residual stresses on surface in compression


  • Dimension restoration
  • Wear reduction
  • Corrosion resistance coatings
  • Weld area touch up work
  • Friction reduction