Cold Coating (TDC) - CeraTough™-0401

Cold Coating TDC

IBC’s Cold Vanadium Carbide coating (TDC) was developed in 2007 and is used in the most demanding of applications (forming stainless steel, high strength alloys, and galvanized steel; aluminum and magnesium die casting; medical; etc.).

The Cold TD coating has the same or better performance than the regular Hot TD process.


  • No deformation of the components
  • Unlimited amount of re-coatings and repairs
  • The mechanical properties of the substrate and the cold coating (toughness, hardness, and ductility) can be additionally enhanced through the thermal diffused sub layer. The dense and thick structure created decreases plastic deformation of a tool under the effect of a concentrated load.

Technical Data:

  • Deposition temperature: 500ºF - 600ºF
  • Coating thickness: ±6 microns (0.0002”)
  • Depth of the thermal diffused layer: 25- 50 microns (.002”)
  • Hardness: 3500-3800 HV 020
  • Coefficient of friction: less than 0.5 (steel on steel conditions)

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